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A Friend's Passing

A gentle breeze caressed my cheek I felt my heart take wing.
It came from beyond yet very close

a breeze that astounded me.

How gentle and kind

its content was,

it gave me warmth inside.

I felt – I knew it was full of Grace

a Grace that made me whole.

I thought for a moment,

understood its call,

and knew my world had changed,

for within that touch was a fond farewell

a farewell from a loving soul.

I knew at once whose call it was,

I gave a quiet sigh.

How gentle a breeze

how small its touch

yet deep inside I felt,

a gentle soul I knew so well

was quickly passing by.

If I could just hold on I thought
and never let her leave.
I thought for an instant

I could control her path
since her journey was not complete. 
I knew at once I must let her go
to complete her passage home.
I said goodbye,
and felt her go,with eyes filled full of tears.
I said, “God speed”
as she left this world for she was sure of her final goal.Alone again I could feel my heart sad and    empty it became,  but then as quickly as I felt its loss  it filled with joy and peace.
I knew whose soul had passed me by
for I knew her gentle smile. 
That smile – that gift was all she had
it lit everything it touched. 
Then quickly as she left this world

I heard a quiet sigh,

She said, “farewell my journey’s done

I’ve nothing more to give.

Just give my joy to all you meet
and light their inner flame.
Remember me as you go your way
and impart love in countless ways.
Improve your world,
become the way, spread love to all you meet.
For within you lies your Creator’s gift
a gift for all to see. 
Simply hug your children as I have done
and allow them to feel your love.
I will live within each hug you give,
before gently moving away.
It is within that brief instant in time
that you will honor me. 
To love, to hug, and give joy to all
is my gift for eternity.”

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